First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1). All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply

How to Play Bingo

The popularity of bingo games has been increasing rapidly and globally. If you are a newbie and want to make the first step in this industry, but don’t know the rules, you don’t have to worry. You are at the right site at the right time. This guide covers everything you need to know about playing bingo. We want to make sure that until you finish reading it, you will know how to play bingo.

How to Play Bingo Online

If you have never played online bingo before, at first it may seem a bit complicated. But, once you get the drift though, it’s easier than anything. Before you can start your, bingo adventure you will need to sign up first. Register with a valid email address and username. The next step is to make your first deposit and get the welcome offer. You need to deposit a minimum of £10, insert the promo code and the welcome offer will be yours. Once you sign up for an account and log in, you can access our lobby by clicking PLAY BINGO. As you enter there, you’ll find a selection of bingo games offering different cash prizes.

How Does Bingo Work

Bingo is played by crossing off the numbers you have on your tickets when they are called out. The aim of the game is to cross off all your numbers before anyone else. When they are called, you have to check if those ones of your ticket match with them. If there is a match, you have to cross it off.

Then numbers continue to be called until someone has crossed off all the numbers they need to get the first prize, often by completing one line. However, there may be further prizes to be won. In this case, the prizes will be specified and the number will continue to be called until 2 lines and the full house has been found.

Bingo Rules

The rules of bingo are fairly simple. First, before you start the game in the bingo lobby, you have to buy your bingo tickets. To do that, you need to have cash in your account. But remember, you can’t use the bingo tickets in every bingo room. The rooms in which they can be used will be specified.

However, you don’t have to purchase bingo tickets for every single room. There are some rooms where you can play for free, but this information will also be specified. Want to try something different? Enter some of our free bingo rooms such as Free 4 You, Ace Club and £250 Saucy Sunday and get a chance to win real money.

Different Types of Bingo

There are different types of bingo games to choose from. The amount of the numbers on the tickets may be different, as well as the amount of the numbers being called.

90 ball bingo

On each 90 ball bingo, there are 15 numbers which are arranged in a 9×3 grid. As the numbers start to be called, the players have three opportunities to win. They have to cover off a horizontal line in the card, they also have to cover off two horizontal lines or they have to mark off all the numbers on their ticket.

75 ball bingo

At 75 ball bingo, as the numbers are called, the players also have to cross off the numbers on their tickets as they are called. Each 75 ball bingo ticket has five horizontal lines and five columns. Each column is headed by a letter spelling BINGO. There is a space right in the centre of the card that is free and it is counted as already being covered. Players attempt to cover all 24 numbers on their card. In order to win, they have to cover a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. One of the ways to win is by making patterns which are declared at the start of the game.

80 ball bingo 

This is a newcomer in the bingo block. At 80 ball bingo, there are 16 numbers arranged into a 4×4 grid. Each column has a different colour and there are many ways to win. Players can win by marking off horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Players can also win by making patterns. The patterns you need to make are presented before the game starts.

Online Bingo Tips

Before you start playing, we highly recommend you to pay attention to the following tips:

Play for the Right Reasons

Above anything else, playing your favourite bingo games is supposed to be fun. Remember that playing bingo, doesn’t help you make money and maximise your earnings. If you follow this rule, you will always have a chance to win.

Don’t Play too Many Cards at Once

Some sites allow you to play with ten or more cards which may lead to confusion. For example, you might think that this is a great way to maximise your chances of winning. Thus, we recommend you to stick with 3-4 cards at any given time.

Final Words

We have covered the most important parts about how to play bingo. We hope that now you understand the rules as well as the games you can choose from. So, if you are a new player, sign up for an account, make the first deposit, claim the welcome offer, choose your favourite game and have fun! Last, but not least, we highly recommend you to check our game lobby on a daily basis. We also look ahead to all of the releases coming our way. And who knows, maybe one the new release will be your favourite game.

First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1). All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply


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