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We believe in treating our players well, so for playing with us again and again you can get your hands on some of the most exciting rewards around. From just Level 1 you'll be able to enjoy daily free spins, as well as daily free bingo tickets.
Plus, once you pick up the pace and go through the levels, you'll be eligible for even more great treats including cashback and exclusive access to VIP bingo rooms.



Unlocking our incredible rewards programme is as easy as playing with your first pound. You'll then reach Level 1, starting the influx of great treats including daily free spins and daily free bingo tickets.


You can log in each day to receive your exciting treats. Whether it's spins or bingo tickets every day or even cashback at the end of the month, simply sign into your account and they'll be waiting for you.


The more you play, the more points you'll receive, ultimately helping you fly through the rewards levels even quicker. You'll then get your hands on more great rewards for you to enjoy on our site.


Well, we've mentioned daily free spins and bingo tickets, but there's actually even more than this. Carry on reading to see which rewards you'll get and won't be disappointed.



From the very first level you'll be rewarded with daily free spins. Once you're eligible, simply log in each day and your spins will be waiting for you.

How to claim:

Your spins can be found in the main menu at the top of the page



Receive free bingo tickets every single day to our incredibly fun and exclusive KACHING room. You'll then play for your guaranteed share of the £35 jackpot!

How to claim:

Simply enter our KACHING bingo room at 20:35 night



Once you reach Level 2, you'll gain access to our invite-only monthly Big Bang bingo room. You can then have a shot at the huge £250 jackpot!

How to claim:

Enter Big Bang on the 10th of every month at 19:00



From Level 5 you'll be eligible for monthly cashback. If you think a month hasn't been your best, we've got something for you at the end of it that's sure to perk you up.

How to claim:

We'll add a percentage of your losses to your real cash balance each month



Once you reach Level 6 you'll start to receive invites to the monthly Ace Club VIP bingo room. Here you can play for a chance to win your share of the £250 jackpot.

How to claim:

Enter Ace Club on the 1st of every month at 19:45


That's right. Once you reach Level 10, the real VIP perks begin. We treate our Very Important Players well, so you'll be granted access to exclusive bingo rooms and even get your very own VIP manager. We're rolling out the red carpet...



Like Ace Club, but for VIPs. Play in Ace Club Diamond on the 15th of every month at 19:45 to have a go at the £250 jackpot.

How to claim:

Enter Ace Club Diamond at 19:45 on the 15th of every month



Once you get to Level 12, you'll be given your very own VIP Manager to deal with any issues or queries as quickly as possible.

How to claim:

Our VIP Manager will be in touch and at your beck and call



On the ultimate Level 15 you'll be rewarded for your loyalty with an incredible mystery gift, but we won't spoil the surprise just yet.

How to claim:

Hit the big time and expect a very special gift coming your way


Absolutely. Once you're eligible for these treats, simply log in and the likes of your free spins and bingo tickets will be waiting. All you need to do is play to earn more points, reaching different levels for even more rewards!


As long as you meet our fair minimum monthly deposit requirements, you'll carry on getting the above perks for each level. You can find the specifics in our T&Cs, but you won't have to worry about losing your treats if you take a little break from playing at our site.


Can I use my free spins on any game?

When your free spins are given to you each day, the game that they're available to be used on will be specified. So, whilst you may not be able to choose the game, you'll be sure to try out many when you log in for more spins, every day!

Are there wagering requirements on my free spins?

Not at this party! All free spins are free, although the amount that you may win from them can be limited.

How do I find out more about my rewards status?

You can click the 'My Account' tab on the homepage which will take you to an area on the site showing you your loyalty scheme information, transaction history and personal details.

Do my free spins accummulate?

Unfortunately not. Your free spins are valid for 24 hours. Any free spins that you don't use will be lost when the 24 hours are over, and your free spins will reset to the correct amount for your corresponding level.

How are daily free bingo tickets credited?

When you log in each day, your bingo tickets will have been credited, waiting for you to use. Select them and you'll be taken to play KACHING, for free.

Once I reach a certain rewards level, will I stay there?

If you meet our fair minimum deposit requirements then you will not lose your rewards status. However, the more you play, the more points you'll earn, so the only way is up.

How do I earn VIP status?

Earning VIP status and the rewards that come with it is a matter of reaching the right level. Simply deposit and play more at our site to earn points. Once you get enough, you'll fly through the levels, eventually getting your hands on suitably VIP treats.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Loyalty Benefits:
    LEVEL NAME BET FROM BET TO DAILY FREE SPINS FS WIN CAP Daily KACHING room Free Bingo Tickets MONTHLY CASHBACK MONTHLY Bingo Tickets TO THE £10K BIG BANG GAME Free Bingo Tickets to Ace Club Room Free Bingo Tickets to Ace Club Diamond Room
    Level 0 0 0.99 - - - - - - -
    Level 1 1 49.99 1 0.1 1 0 0 - -
    Level 2 50 149.99 5 0.15 2 0 1 - -
    Level 3 150 349.99 6 0.2 3 0 2 - -
    Level 4 350 749.99 7 0.25 4 0 3 - -
    Level 5 750 1,549.99 8 0.3 5 1% 4 - -
    Level 6 1,550 3,149.99 10 0.5 6 1% 5 10 -
    Level 7 3,150 6,349.99 11 0.55 7 1% 10 15 -
    Level 8 6,350 12,749.99 12 0.6 8 1% 15 20 -
    Level 9 12,750 25,549.99 13 0.65 9 1% 20 25 -
    Level 10 25,550 51,149.99 14 0.7 10 1% 25 30 -
    Level 11 51,150 102,349.99 15 0.75 12 2% 30 35 10
    Level 12 102,350 204,749.99 20 1 15 3% 35 40 20
    Level 13 204,750 409,549.99 30 1.5 20 4% 70 45 30
    Level 14 409,550 819,149.99 40 2 25 5% 80 50 40
    Level 15 819,150 1,638,349.99 50 2.5 30 10% 96 60 60
  • Loyalty level is classified, on a lifetime level.
  • Blighty Bingo reserves the right to amend or remove these offers at any time without notice
  • Blighty Bingo reserves the right to change a player's loyalty level at its own discretion, as well as the loyalty levels themselves.
  • Blighty Bingo maintains the right to upgrade or downgrade any player from any Loyalty level on its own sole discretion.
  • Loyalty Benefits (monthly cashback, monthly free cards, and eligibility for the loyalty free room) are calculated at the beginning of each calendar month, with regards to the previous months' activity.
  • In the event that we have a reasonable suspicion that a user of the Service is abusing or attempting to abuse an offer or other promotion (as further described in section 6.2(h)), then we may deny, withhold or withdraw from any user any offer or promotion, either temporarily or permanently, or close that user's account and terminate the User Agreement in accordance with section 14 below.
  • In order to be eligible for the Loyalty Benefits, you should be a registered player and to be classified at least as a 'Level 1'.
  • Every £1 wager equals 1 point, regardless to level
  • If you wagered on the Site, during a calendar month, you will receive a percentage from any of your losing bets, as real money to your account, on the following month ("Cashback").
  • Cashback will be calculated as follows: Wager - Wins.
  • The cashback rewarded will be given as Real Money
  • The maximum cashback that you can gain is £100 (only one account of each player can receive the 'Cashback ').
  • Cashback will only be credited from £1. i.e. if you are eligible for a cashback lower than £1, no cashback will be credited.
  • Free Cards: As defined in the table above, Blighty Bingo reserves the right to change the game to which free tickets will be credited to at any given time with no notice.
  • Free Spins voucher: According to your loyalty level, you are granted with 'Free Spins', as defined by table above
  • Your winnings derived from the use of vouchers will be displayed in points. Only when the requirements above are fulfilled, the points displayed will be converted to winnings in real money. Unless otherwise stated: (i) the conversion rate shall be 100 points equals £1; and (ii) winnings from such vouchers are capped in accordance to the table above.
  • Free Spins and Kaching Free cards will be credited daily
  • Players can receive up to 30 Free Bingo Tickets to play in the daily £50 KACHING game, credited automatically.
  • Players level 1 and above can receive Free Bingo Tickets to play in the £50 KACHING game.
  • The Kaching 90 ball game is a voucher only room, card price is £0.5 and plays daily at 20:35
  • Daily Free Spins and Kaching free cards that are credited are valid until the end of each day at 23:59:59
  • Free spins and Kaching free cards will not accumulate if you have not logged in daily. E.g. If a player is entitled to 5 days' worth of free spins but has only logged in once over the five days, they will only receive the free spins for that one day
  • Free Spins will be credited to the promotor's Game choice.
  • The Big BANG £10K is a 90 ball voucher game, card price is £10 and plays monthly on the 10th at 20:00, only players that have been credited with free tickets to the room can participate in the game.
  • Players level 2 and above can receive Free Bingo Tickets to play in The Big BANG £10K.
  • Tickets to The Big BANG £10K will be credited by the 5th of every calendar month.
  • Players level 6 and above can receive up to 60 Free Bingo Tickets to play in the Ace Club loyalty rooms as follows:
  • The Ace Club is a 75-25 ball voucher game, card price is £1 and plays monthly on the 5th at 19:45, only players that have been credited with free tickets to the room can participate in the game.
  • The Ace Club Diamond is a 75-25 ball voucher game, card price is £1 and plays monthly on the 15th at 19:45, only players that have been credited with free tickets to the room can participate in the game.
  • Tickets will be credited by the 5th of every calendar month.
  • Players level 6 and above can receive Free Bingo Tickets to play in the Ace Club room.
  • Players level 11 and above can receive Free Bingo Tickets to play in the Ace Club Diamond room.
  • If a player has not made a deposit according to the below timeframes, we reserve the right to remove the points as follows:
    • Didn't deposit between 30-60 days - reduction of 30%
    • Didn't deposit between 60 -90 days - reduction of 50%
    • Didn't deposit over 90 days - reduction of 100%
  • Your loyalty Benefits (if any) will be awarded to you by the 7th of every month.
  • Promo is valid until Midnight 30-08-2020 and may be extended by the company sole discretion
  • Full Loyalty Terms and Conditions apply
  • General Terms and Conditions apply
  • Last updated on 10/10/19